Amaze your clients with a new way of accessing real estate

Estating opens the door to including attractive properties into your clients’ existing brokerage account

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Description of our process for Financial Advisors

The Opportunity

ESTATING changes the game for the Financial Advisor, bringing the power of property to the portfolios you manage.

You design solutions as individual as your clients’ needs, combining the choice of property, location, control and leverage.

While at the same time enjoying the transferability, no-hassle, low-cost advantages of a fund.

The Process

ESTATING PROPERTY VAULT SA, operating under Luxembourg regulations, acquires a real estate asset and issues securities linked exclusively to that asset, secured inside its own compartment.

One property, one compartment, one RELINC, one ISIN.

This allows investment into the value of ownership, secure in the knowledge that it is backed by a single tangible asset, that it is bankable and transferable like any other stock or bond.
The process, detailed

A Relinc is


It sits inside your client’s brokerage account so real estate is no longer an outflow but adds to your AuM.


You work with your client to build a globally diverse property portfolio in the same way as you do with any other stock or bond.


There is no lock up period, you can split and transfer the RELINCs at will, at hardly any cost. Ideal for inter-generational transfer and succession planning.


You pick the properties with your client, and we take care of the rest. Estating’s experts source, vet, purchase, manage and maintain the properties removing the hassle of direct investment.

Estating is flexible and easy

There are as many possibilities as there are properties
Estating offers three different kinds of access
Wealth Preservation Icon

Estating Prime

a core investment for wealth preservation
Wealth Growth Icon

Estating Growth

bespoke investments for wealth growth
Wealth Structuring Icon

Estating Structuring

optimise ownership and succession planning

What do you need to do?

  • Invest a little of your time to learn how to plan and buy a RELINC.
  • Complete the short profiling on this site that will allow us to tailor an introduction to you and your business.
  • Follow the onboarding process to become a certified seller of Estating.
  • Start designing new and secure solutions for your clients that increase your AuM.

The Benefits

  • You have a new asset class and new service to offer to your clients
  • You design the solution to their need - preservation, accumulation, restructuring
  • You are in control, pick the opportunities that fit your clients’ needs and share them exclusively with a QR code
  • You have the ease of purchasing the RELINC from inside our own management system
  • As distributor, you receive a remuneration of up to 1.5% of your client’s subscription and fees on secondary market trades
Let us profile our service to your needs
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The benefits