The Fintech for real estate and private markets wealth management

A superior way to invest in real estate and private markets

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Why does private markets matter?

The power
   of private markets

  • Historically outperformed public markets
  • Alpha
  • Liquidity premium
  • Yield
  • Higher diversification

But until now

  • Inflexible
  • Illiquid
  • Locally restricted
  • Excluded from your bankable portfolio

Estating removes the barriers, making private markets


Keep it in your banking account and working with your financial advisor


Adjust the ticket size to buy the amount that’s right for you


Transfer it as required or split it at will, at hardly any cost


Regulated inside the financial system, each deal separately sealed


Pick the strategy that matches your needs - Estating takes care of the rest

How do we do it?

Estating’s core is financial structuring

Enhanced by real estate expertise taking responsibility across the lifetime of the investment.

Resulting in wealth solution that addresses all parts of the property chain:

  • Developers and Asset Managers
  • Wealth Managers
  • Investors
Start investing

Advisor  & Investor
working together

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  • Chance to bring private market investments inside your AUM
  • Active role in both primary and secondary market
  • A new offer to your clients, covering all their investment needs       
  • Safe, secure and inside the regulated financial system
  • Pick properties to fit your specific needs
  • Diversify globally with just a click
  • Add more asset classes to your portfolio
  • Bankable, transferable and fractionable

Why Estating?

The Estating guarantee