Restructuring existing assets

For owners

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  • Convert owned assets or new projects into a bankable and transferable security, optimising ownership and succession planning
  • Tax efficiency by paying rent through the SPV​
  • Enhanced liquidity:
    Sell fractions while maintaining control​
    Quick simple cross-border transactions​
    Succession planning through gradual and fractional transfer​
  • Estating acts as a bespoke service offering structuring solutions unique to your clients needs and plans
  • Please get in touch and share a description of your opportunity and we respond with a how we can work on the solution together

Make your property


Sitting inside your existing banking account, your asset is now part of your normal portfolio and can be traded as easily as stocks and bonds, under the surety of the Luxembourg banking system.


Split as needed for succession planning or to obtain liquidity easily, without losing control of your asset or going through complex sales processes.


RELINCs are as easy to trade as stocks and bonds. You can transfer and split the holding directly from your existing account at low cost. Ideal for transfer and succession planning.


All the advantages of direct ownership without the trouble - no language barriers, no complex processes, no middle-man costs. Estating makes your asset cost and tax efficient while you receive the value of ownership.

How does it work?

  • Choose a property you own or want to buy and contact Estating to evaluate your case.
  • Estating SPV acquires the property, becoming the new legal owner.
  • RELINCs are issued, so the investor becomes the economic owner and beneficiary.
  • The property can be rented to the original owner or new tenants, while the RELINC investors benefit from the value.
The benefits