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Estating opens the door to putting the power of private markets into your clients' existing banking account

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The Opportunity

ESTATING changes the game for the Financial Advisor, bringing the power of private markets to the portfolios you manage.

You design solutions as individual as your clients’ needs, combining the choice of property, location, control and leverage.

While at the same time enjoying the transferability, no-hassle, low-cost advantages of a fund.

How does it work for you?

  • Brings tangible real estate and private markets into your management
  • Increases your assets under management
    Expands your portfolio of advice
  • Supported by Estating expertise
  • Process made easy through Estating technology
  • Reassured by Luxembourg regulation



It sits inside your client’s banking account so private markets are no longer a loss to the assets under your manager.


You work with your client to build a diverse portfolio including new asset classes in the same way as you do with any other stock or bond.


There is no lock up period, you can split and transfer the RELINCs at will, at hardly any cost. Ideal for inter-generational transfer and succession planning.


You pick the opportunities with your client, and we take care of the rest. Estating’s experts take care of everything else removing the hassle of direct investment.

What do you need to do?

  • Invest a little of your time to learn how to plan and buy a RELINC.
  • Complete the short profiling on Catalyst allowing us to tailor an introduction to you and your business.
  • Follow the onboarding process to become a certified seller of Estating.
  • Start designing new and secure solutions for your clients that increase your AuM.

The Benefits

  • You have a new asset class and new service to offer to your clients. Let us profile our service toy our needs
  • You design the solution to their need - risk profile, location and currency, type of property, capital structure options, leverage, ...
  • Restructuring service - the opportunity to bring clients' existing property assets inside their banking portfolio
  • You are in control, pick the opportunities that fit your clients’ needs and share them exclusively using our apps
  • You have the ease of purchasing the RELINC from inside our own management system
  • As a distributor, you receive a remuneration for every deal
Let us profile our service to your needs
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The benefits