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Description about the opportunity

The Opportunity

ESTATING is a global digital marketplace providing direct access to real estate.

ESTATING removes the barriers that frustrate investment in this proven asset class offering you the opportunity to restructure your risk/reward profile.

ESTATING is as easy and transferable as a REIT but delivers the choice and control of direct ownership, all with the security and flexibility of the banking system.

The Process

ESTATING PROPERTY VAULT SA, operating under Luxembourg regulations, acquires a real estate asset and issues securities linked exclusively to that asset, secured inside its own compartment.

One property, one compartment, one RELINC, one ISIN.

This allows investment into the value of ownership, secure in the knowledge that it is backed by a single tangible asset, that it is bankable and transferable like any other stock or bond.
The process, detailed

A Relinc is


Sitting inside your existing brokerage account, supported by a single tangible asset. One property, One compartment, One ISIN. Delivering the surety of the Luxembourg banking system.


Available from $50,000 to 100% of a property. You choose the spread of the investment across countries, cities, property types, leveraged or not.


RELINCs are as easy to trade as stocks and bonds. You can transfer and split the holding directly from your existing account at low cost. Ideal for transfer and succession planning.


All the advantages of direct ownership without the trouble - no language barriers, no complex processes, no middle-man costs. Estating source, vet, purchase and manage the property, while you receive the value of ownership.

Estating is flexible and easy

There are as many possibilities as there are properties
Estating offers three different kinds of access
Wealth Preservation Icon

Estating Prime

a core investment for wealth preservation
Wealth Growth Icon

Estating Growth

bespoke investments for wealth growth
Wealth Structuring Icon

Estating Structuring

optimise ownership and succession planning

What do you need to do?

  • Consider your portfolio needs – preservation or growth? Diversification or control of single asset? Type and location of property? New investment or restructuring existing assets?
  • Complete the Estating profiling so that we can demonstrate options that match your needs.
  • Involve your Financial Advisor and connect them with Estating.
  • Subscribe to the sourced and vetted product that delivers your strategy.
  • Do nothing – as from here on Estating will remove the hassle of ownership leaving you with the benefits.

The Benefits

  • Flexible and hassle-free access to an old asset class with proven performance
  • The bankable and transferable advantages of a fund but with the capability of a bespoke fit to your and your family’s needs
  • The fun of property picking of a tangible asset with no issuer risk
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The benefits