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Estating welcomes TechRivo as Investor and Technology Partner

September 22, 2023

Luxembourg, September 22nd 2023

Estating, the Fintech for real estate wealth management, welcomes TechRivo as investor and technology partner.

Estating transforms real estate risk into a financial wealth management product, via the issuance of global securities, enabling investing in real estate directly from the banking account. Connecting global networks of real estate partners and financial distribution partners requires a strong technology platform.

Estating Engine

Deeply anchored in the real estate ecosystem sits the Estating Selector currently being built, directly connected to the Estating Engine, which in turn is connected to the Estating Catalyst, the component for the wealth management ecosystem enabling financial advisors and their clients to fully benefit from the Estating Platform.

This technology platform is being empowered by our investor and partner, TechRivo, that brought a multidisciplinary team with extensive technical expertise, especially in the Fintech sector. This team of analysts, designers, developers and technical leads have now joined forces with Estating to build the technical ecosystem that will support business operations.

Starting with the Catalyst (investors' friendly interface to real estate financial products) and evolving to the structuring and issuance engine that feeds and automates the investment and securitization processes. TechRivo is already using industry best practices to build the company Technical Intellectual Property.

TechRivo is known fortheir work in Fintech, namely in several projects related to AML, KYC, UBO Identification, EU Taxonomy, and Risk, but also has a footprint in other industries like Healthcare and Automotive. It supports and invests with their teams in innovative and challenging business.



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