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European platform Estating sets foot in the U.S.

January 11, 2022
  • Democratizing access to investing in high end real estate and making properties bankable
  • Miami is primed for real estate, finance and tech innovation.
  • FinTech scene experiencing robust growth in Miami and Latin America, while Estating brings real estate into the financial system
  • A new financial product for investment advisors: invest in individual properties within a securities portfolio
  • Real Estate investment made simple through securitization – the ideal product for future-proofing investments with upside appreciation  

Estating, the European prop-fin-tech company that allows for investments in individual properties, has founded a subsidiary in Miami, Estating Miami.

Rene D. Bello, a prominent development and investment professional based in Miami, will lead the Miami office.

Miami is the company’s fifth office location worldwide, after Zurich, Luxembourg, Berlin, and Erivan, and serves as its “Gateway to the Americas”. Miami will serve as a strategic market for growth and expansion in the U.S. and LATAM, as Estating’s first location on US soil.

“Miami is quickly becoming the new tech capital of the U.S., as people and companies have moved to the city from places like Silicon Valley, and New York. Los Angeles, and Chicago. The city of Miami, backed by a Tech-forward Mayor Suarez, has become a hot-bed for innovation not only for tech, but for real estate as well; as many new real estate developments shaped the city skyline, and over fifty new financial firms set up shop in the city. It also acts as a gateway to LATAM and the rest of the world, so naturally Miami was the next step for Estating, ” says Rene Bello – Head of Miami Office

Estating makes it possible for investors to participate in real estate properties worldwide from a sum of 50,000 euros upwards and to build their portfolio in line with their respective risk preferences. This is possible thanks to a securitization solution. The certificates are issued with their own international securities identification number (ISIN) asset backed by the underlying real estate. Thus, for the first time ever an investment in individual properties is fully transferable and can be held in a securities account, making real estate bankable.

The product is being marketed exclusively through financial advisors and wealth managers. Their clients thus have access to an attractive alternative to direct real estate investments, real estate funds, and crowd investments.

“Estating lowers the barriers of entry to ownership of luxury residential properties with a positive annual net cash flow. These properties, which would otherwise only be possible with direct investment, allow its investors the flexibility and bankability of ownership of real estate. At the same time the investor enjoys the upside increase in the value of properties, making it an ideal product in the current interest rate environment. In contrast to a direct investment, the investor does not have to worry about a thing. Estating takes care of everything for the investor. It is real estate investment made simple, for the modern-day investor,” says Daniel Vegue, one of Estating’s Founders and Chief Client Officer.

“Estating brings together property picking, international investment diversification and low and efficient administrative costs. We unite the benefits of direct investment with those of securities at significantly lower costs and with higher net yields,” explains Martin Halblaub, Founder and Chairman of Estating. “We expect to lower the entry barriers further in the future making real estate investments accessible to everybody. We intend to democratize real estate investment.”

About Estating: Estating is a property fintech with offices in Luxembourg, Berlin, Erivan, and Zurich. The company was founded in 2020 and has set itself the objective of offering everybody the possibility to invest in real estate easily. The company has developed the Real Estate Linked Certificate (RELINC): a security under Luxembourg law with its own international securities identification number (ISIN) which allows a person to acquire participations in selected individual properties from the trusted environment of their securities account – without the hassle of the traditional process. An investment in a selected property is thus just as easy and transparent as an investment in specific stocks and bonds.

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