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First transaction in secondary market – it can be so easy to buy and sell real estate!

March 28, 2022

Last week, a customer of Estating has successfully accomplished the first transaction in the secondary market without a hassle.

The real estate investor, who had invested a fraction of 50.000 USD in an apartment of 600.000 USD in Miami, sold his investment to another real estate investor and realised the apartments value increase as a capital gain.

For this transaction, both real estate investors did not need to incur any external costs, usually spent in traditional real estate transactions.

The real estate asset, which has been transformed into tradable securities (RELINC), simply moved from one security account to the other within the banking system.

Estating now offers a 360-degree marketplace. From origination, onboarding and structuring via primary markets, Asset custody, rental and maintenance to secondary market.  

Have you considered to build a real estate portfolio on your own, inside the regulated financial system, easy and fast? With Estating, you can invest in prime properties directly from your brokerage account. You choose the properties and the volume. Like the Ritz-Carlton Residence, Sunny-Isles Beach in Miami, the Teatro Gran Vía 30 in Madrid or the luxurious Yoo building in Berlin. And we have many more fantastic properties for you. Ask your financial Advisor or get in touch.

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